OOC: Roleplay Rant

Just had to get this off my chest.

I’m sick of hearing certain roleplayers complaining that no one in this fandom is “quality” enough to roleplay with them. I mean, really? Don’t be such a pretentious douche. Maybe you think you are a better player than a majority of others, heck, maybe you really are. But the simple fact that you so blatantly own up to it makes you sound like a freakin’ snob. If you really are as good a roleplayer as you claim to be, you could at least offer constructive criticism, or offer to roleplay certain plots to help others not as skilled as you to grow as writers. Merely blasting all over Tumblr that you’re too good for everyone else isn’t helping you find roleplay partners, or magically causing someone “quality” enough for you to materialize. Actually, it makes people, or me, at least, lose respect for you as a player and as a person. I don’t roleplay with out of character snobs who think they’re too good for me, or anyone else. If you think someone can improve, tell them how to do so! Just complaining about how much of a fail everyone is does absolutely nothing. I know I’m not the best roleplayer out there. There are plenty of people on this site who are far superior to myself, and I have no trouble owning up to that fact. But to have another roleplayer tell you so is a completely different story. Who are you to tell someone they’re not up to your standards? Please. If you’re so high and mighty, you should probably ditch this site all together.

I hate to go on like this, but roleplaying in this Death Note fandom helped me over the death of someone very important to me, as well as all the crap that’s followed it. In the long and short, roleplaying Mello has helped me through so much, and I hate to get on and see people bringing roleplayers in this fandom down. I feel like some forget that this is all in fun. It’s not real, we’re not writing a novel here, it’s all for a good time.

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    DUDE. That’s what I call preaching it like you mean it. :] Respect, bro. *peace out*
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